Best Dab Pen Battery

Best Dab Pen Battery

Best Dab Pen Battery Factors If you did not buy a complete dab pen kit and only selected a dab tank or wax tank you are going to need a battery to vaporize your concentrates. Now, this is not an easy decision or one to take lightly because a lot of factors go into selecting your Dab Pen Battery. This tutorial is going to be a great way for you to factor in all the major aspects you should consider when buying your dab pen battery.

510 Thread Battery Choosing a 510 thread battery is one of the most important factors to consider. When purchasing a vape for concentrates is to make sure that the thread is compatible, now even though this might seem like an elementary or obvious tip you would be surprised how many people purchase the wrong threading combination. Look up online and make sure you know what thread your atomizer is, and you select an appropriate battery to match.

Most of the wax atomizers are 510 thread so most likely if you can’t find any specific info on it you can rest 99% assured that you will be a 510 thread. You need to select the appropriate 510 thread battery for your atomizer or cartridge.

510 thread batteries types Resistance for Wax Coil Wax Cartridge It is next the most critical to make sure that your resistance is lined up properly. Basically, you have two different types of Dab pen Batteries Sub Ohm Batteries or Mod batteries and non-Sub ohm batteries primarily standard stick batteries.

What you must know is a non-sub ohm battery will not fire a Sub Ohm wax atomizer and make you think you have a defective unit when you do not. So, when buying a dab pen battery make sure to see the resistance of your wax tank or atomizer, if it is below 1.0ohms then it is Sub ohm, if it is above or is 1.0 Ohm then it is not sub ohm and falls into the standard category.

These specs you can easily find but can save you a major inconvenience, so make sure to check the resistance on the tank and battery to ensure they line up. Dab Pen Battery Power/Watts/Voltage Settings 200 Watt Dab Pen Battery Next most important factor to consider when purchasing your dab pen battery is the power range. Too much or too little power can wither short out your tank or not fire it at all. You must look up what the minimum and maximum wattage is your dab tank can handle.

Once you have looked this up the dab pen will show you its output specs in terms of wattage and let you know if it is adjustable wattage output, whether it has 3 power output levels or is digitally adjustable. It is important to make sure that your power range lines up in your dab pen battery because overpowering a tank with more wattage can instantly burn out your coils and be an expensive mistake. There are however some tanks that won’t even vaporize below 10Watts of input so giving it less power will not allow you to vape your concentrates.


Wax Pen Battery Size and Capacity The size of your dab pen battery or its capacity is measured in MAH – (milli amp hours) this is a spec that shows how long your battery can be used before it needs to be recharged.


If you live an active lifestyle and have a high-power requiring wax tank, then you need a dab pen battery that has a high capacity. Most stick batteries that are non-sub ohm are 750MAH or less, Most Mod batteries that are sub ohm have over 1200 MAH of capacity. Usually, the bigger the physical size of the dab pen battery, the more capacity it also has.


Overall Aesthetics and Look of Your Dab Pen Lastly, you want the pairing of your dab pen battery and wax tank or dab tank to look good to you. Make sure you visualize what you would like and what fits your lifestyle. There is such an assortment of shapes sizes and colors available that the possibilities are endless.

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